Pet Euthanasia Services

In-Office Pet Euthanasia

Our facilities are designed to create a peaceful, like-home environment to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible for the euthanasia process. When you enter, you can spend as much time as you need in our “living room” area to prepare to say goodbye. This space also gives you a chance to see ways to memorialize and create keepsakes of your pet for after they pass.

The Rainbow Room

When you’re ready, you’ll be able to proceed to the Rainbow Room. This is a private space where the euthanasia process will be performed. You are invited to use this time to say goodbye and ready your pet for their gentle euthanasia.

The Rainbow Room is also designed to maximize comfort for you and your pet. When the process is complete, you are able grieve privately until you’re ready to leave.


How long does the process take?

The euthanasia process takes just a few minutes, starting with the sedative and then the euthanasia injection.

Readying yourself for the process can take minutes or hours, and we understand everyone will be ready on their own time. We always invite you to take as much time as you need before the euthanasia process.

Is the process painless?

Every euthanasia is performed according to the latest practices that eliminate the potential for your pet to feel pain. The first step of the process involves a sedative that gently brings your pet to sleep. Only when they are fully sedated will the veterinarian inject the euthanizing solution. This solution brings their heart to rest during their sleep, which allows them to pass in peace.

Who performs the Euthanization?

Every euthanization through American Pet Cremation Services will be performed by an experienced, licensed veterinarian as required by law. We work with the best local veterinarians to ensure the process is completed with respect to you and your cherished family pet.


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