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A better way to say goodbye

About us

American Pet Cremation Services provides your family with a caring environment to ease your beloved family pet to peace and to provide you with a way to honor them after their passing. Our location in Jackson, Michigan offer in-office pet euthanasia services, along with cremation services to prepare your pet’s remains for their final rest.

We understand the emotional toll of losing a pet and strive to make your final farewell to your pet a loving memory.


A Private Place to Say Goodbye

Our facilities are designed to give you a quiet, peaceful, and private place to say goodbye to your pet. Each of our locations have areas modeled to feel like a living room for you and your loved one to find comfort while you prepare to say your last goodbyes.

Dignified Cremation Services

Honoring your pet after their passing is important. We offer several options for pet cremation to provide them with dignity in death, while giving you affordable choices. Every cremation we perform is done with care and respect.

We can help you determine the best choice for cremation based on your plans for your pet’s remains.


A Keepsake for a Lifetime of Companionship

If you would like to memorialize your pet or to create a keepsake with your pet’s remains, we have a variety of ways to celebrate their life and keep them with you forever. In addition to urns for their remains, we also offer mementos such as paw prints or locks of hair. Please call your local American Pet Cremation Services location for pricing and additional information.


Jackson, MI

916 N West Ave, Suite F, Jackson, MI 49202




Every pet is assigned a QR Code which attaches to the cremation bag and tracks your pet in real-time through the entire cremation process..

Private Cremation

We perform private cremations. Only one pet is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process ensuring 100% accuracy.

Returned Package

We will return the cremains of your pet in a memory urn. The package will also include a cremation certificate, the QR Code assigned, a paw print if desired, a celebration video and any additional memory options selected.

Pet Cremation Tracking


  • Full visibility of your pet final journey
  • Real-time Tracking for every pet
  • Notifications. Email and SMS status updates
  • Mobile Apple/Android apps or web portal

Grief Support

Grief Support video library to help pet parents

Grief Support

Celebration Video

  • Create a Celebration Video of your beloved pet
  • Share the celebration video with friends and family on social media