Pet Cremation



A private cremation allows your pet to be cremated on their own. Only your pet will be within the cremation chamber during the process. This provides you with the opportunity to collect and keep your pet’s remains.

We carefully collect your pets remains to be returned to you when the process has completed.


Semi-private cremations involve several pets being cremated in the chamber, but your treasured pet will be respectfully isolated from others with a metal partition. Similarly to private cremations, this option allows you to collect and keep your pet’s remains to memorialize them.


Lastly, we also offer communal cremations. Your pet will be cremated along with other pets from your community. Our staff will take the utmost care with your pet during the process, but their remains will not be retrievable.

Cremation Rates

The cost of your pet’s cremation is determined by the type and the size of your pet.

Please call our offices for pricing information.

Which Pet Cremation
Service is Right for My Pet?

Our pets are part of our families, so it’s natural to want the best for them in their eternal rest. All of our cremation services are designed and performed with the greatest respect to their importance to you. Understanding if you want to keep their remains is the most important decision. Even for communal cremations, we can help you create a lifelong keepsake to remember them.

If you are unsure, we’re always here to help you understand your options and which will work best for you.


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